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Blade Of Awe Quest Bot Using Le Bot 7.4 | AdventureQuest World

Blade Of Awe Quest Bot Released [Release Date: 05 June 2013]

Preview :
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Tools :


Blade Of Awe Quest's :  

Q-1 Find The Stonewrit!
Download (mediafire)

Q-2 Find The Handle!
Download (mediafire)

Q-3 Find The Hilt!

Download (4shared) (mediafire)

Q-4 Find The Blade! [vs Hydra]
Download (4shared) (mediafire)

Q-5 Find The Runes! [vs Tibicenas]
Download (4shared) (mediafire)

Steps :
    1. Extract the files in a folder
    2. Open any trainer that can load dmbot files
    3. Open Bot Manager
    4. Load the file(s)
    5. Don't forget to customize your skill in Skill class on options (Default Skill On this Bot is Using Alpha Omega Class)
    6. Click Enable in Bot Manager

    1. Extract file di sebuah folder
    2. Buka trainer yang dapat meload dmbot files
    3. Buka Bot Manager
    4. Load file bot
    5. Jangan lupa untuk mengatur skill class di options (Default Skill di Bot iini menggunakan Alpha Omega Class)
    6. klik Enable di Bot Manager
      "If you find a bug in this bot, please report it immediately to Me"

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      11 komentar:

      Anonymous said...

      i can't use my le bot, please help me

      Bogy Wirya said...

      what's the problem?

      Pemilik Hp said...

      gan nanti kena banned permanent gk

      Bogy Wirya said...

      egak, kemungkinan banned harian aja sedikit banget bos

      Anonymous said...

      gan,caranya extractnya itu gimana ?

      Bogy Wirya said...

      drag and drop.
      1. buka rar nya.
      2. klik tahan pada file yang ada didalam rar
      3. geser keluar ke deskop atau hdd
      4. lepaskan kliknya

      Anonymous said...

      i have le bot 7.4 and i tried the steps and when i went to bot manager to load the file it didnt sho up

      Bogy Wirya said...

      u'r wrong trying my steps, please try again later

      Aldy said...

      ga bisa di download gan filenya.

      Bogy Wirya said...

      ikuti urutan cara download di step ke 5 How to Customize Skill Class (Eng/Ind)

      Anonymous said...

      Yg lebih simpel ada ga

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